Conceria la Bretagna

The vegetable tanning that we apply gives leather a special appearance that stays bright and fresh and does not lose value with the passing of time. The several shadings of colour, the unique scent, the grain and the small marks should be considered as tangible and authentic proof of the quality of our leather. The climate and temperature of some countries with a high humidity rate can affect the vegetable-tanned leather by changing the leather’s aspect and causing whitish spews. Rubbing the leather with a cotton or wool cloth and adding some more natural/vegetable oil when necessary gives it its natural brightness and transparency. Time and wear contribute to exalt the quality of the leather.

Technical Characteristics
1. Vegetable-tanned leather certified by the Consortium “Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetable”.
2. Free from chromium, pentachlorophenol and benzidine dyes.
3. Biodegradable
4. Hypoallergenic
5. Thickness: Light hides from 0.9 up to 2.2 mm and heavy hides from 2.4 up to 3.0 mm
6. On request: thickness from 3.2 up to 3.8/4.0 mm - Customised colours – resin-treated - Waxed - Waterproof – Anti-scratch - Fireproof - Damp test / Dry test / Light exposure test).
7. End uses: Leather goods, belts, footwear, albums, furniture (sofas and armchairs), interior and floor coverings (wall-to-wall).
We will be happy to advise you as to the article most suitable to your needs. 

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