Conceria la Bretagna

Theese are some request of our partners about our products:

 smooth kip
 stocked kip
 vegetable-tanned leather
 italian vegetable-tanned leather
 vegetable tanning
 leather classic print
 hides dyed inside drums
 leather for armchairs
 leather for sofas
 leather hides natural
 slow tanning
 hides hand-dyed
 leather for belts
 leather for footwear
 natural tanning process
 tallow-stuffed kid
 kip padded by hand
 luxury leathers production
 leather production sofas
 leather production pavements
 leather without chromium
 natural procedure leather hides
 leather bright and fresh
 classic and printed leather
 leather for floor coverings
 leather printing on request
 vegetable-tanned quality leather

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